Hello, I am Gonnie van Wijk,

I would like to tell you why I am so enthusiastic about Homeopathy and what I can do for you as a homeopath.

By coincidence, as far as coincidence exists, I discovered a book about homeopathy at the Amsterdam university library. At the time, I was following a study to become a social nurse in the Dutch National Health Service.
I read the book 'Everything about Homeopathy' by George Vithoulkas and concluded that the information was true and that this manner of 'healing' contained an immense wisdom.

I had worked as a nurse in different wards and in different hospitals for more than ten years. On many occasions, I had the impression that the healing of illnesses or diseases had more to do with the vital force of the patient than the administered medicine.

After I had listened to what a number of classic homeopathists had to say about their work during an open day at the School for Classic Homeopathy in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, I quickly made a decision about what I wanted to do.
Three months later, I began the 5 ½ year study to become a classic homeopath. In the spring of 1996, I successfully completed the study and have since then developed a thriving practice!

In my homeopathic practice, I treat adults and children.

Using the so-called L.M. potency (For more information read: LM potency), the working of the homeopathic medicine can be administered to work harmoniously with the differing sensitivities of all adults and children.

The treatment of adults and children.

During a consultation, I observe the patient to see if they require an acute complaint or a constitutional treatment.
A constitutional treatment requires the use of a homeopathic medicine that improves the condition of, and strengthens the immunity of the whole constitution of the patient (emotional, physical, and mental).
For example, when you come to the practice to be treated for a migraine, you will notice that not only does your migraine disappear, but also that you have more energy, you feel calmer, you sleep better, and other complaints disappear.
The first consultation lasts around an hour and a half.
This time is needed to make an inventory of your present state of health. Attention is not only given to your physical complaints, but also to the possible causes for the improvement or deterioration of the complaints, when these occur, and how the symptoms feel.
In addition, I will ask you for details about your diet, your sensitivity to temperature and things about your sleep and dreams.
Besides your physical complaints, time will be given to your emotional and mental ailments.

The treatment of a child generally takes less time, because a child has fewer physical, mental, or emotional 'barriers'.
With a child I will not only give attention to his or her emotional, physical, and mental development, but also to the childhood illnesses he or she has had, and in addition the reactions to vaccinations the child has had.
Information about the pregnancy, delivery, and maternity will also play an important role in the choosing of the correct homeopathic medicine.

Childbirth and homeopathy.

During pregnancy, constitutional weaknesses appear in the mother.
With the administering of the correct medicine, the constitution and the resilience of mother and baby will become stronger, and, as a rule, there will be less reference to the gynaecologist.

Possible complaints are: nausea, loss of blood, threatening miscarriage, pelvic pain and instability, weak and / or painful contractions, bleeding after birth, infections, post-natal contractions, the uterus not returning to its original size, post-natal depression, urination problems, problems with breast-feeding, breast infection and chapped nipples. Baby's that continually cry, cannot sleep, will not drink, intestinal cramp, diarrhoea, hard faeces, difficult excretion etc. etc.
For more information, read: "Complaints and diseases; pregnancy, childbirth and maternity period".

During the treatment, I may contact your doctor or your specialist.
During discussions with my homeopathic colleagues, patient details may be discussed anonymously. Stand-in Homeopaths are colleagues who work with Lm-potencies in their practice.
During the first consultation, I will ask you for written authorisation for me to consult with your general practitioner, specialist and Homeopathic colleagues, and the use of patient symptoms during trainings and when giving talks.

General Practice information

5 1/2 year professional training to classic homeopath, completed March 1996.
Nurse A, specializations CCU, HBO Social Health Care; level 7.
Member of the NOKH

Talbotstraat 27
1087DE Amsterdam-IJburg

Telephone consultation
Monday to Friday between 13:00-14:00
If you telephone at any other time you can leave your name and telephone number on the answer machine and I will return your telephone call as soon as possible.

Telephone: 0610653903
Skype: gonnievanwijk